Nettention Introduction


Nettention Co., Ltd. is the technology integrate enterprise with constant research & development on game software that contributes to the game industry advancement. It has developed the game server & network engine - “ProudNet” selected by a large number of game developing enterprises. For customer satisfaction, we have been doing our utmost for higher technology development and the best follow-up service.
“Right Path”
As being conscious of how dangerous it is to use tricks and expedient in terms of software development, we strengthen the basics of research & development.
Going to right path is long and winding, however, we undauntedly make steady and persistent effort to achieve the best performance.
Innovation is what we seek as going to right path by being patient. Seeking innovation with extensive knowledge and diverse experience is our attitude on developing innovative technology.

ProudNet Introduction

ProudNet is a game server and network engine for online game. It is high-powered engine designed to handle high network traffic and a large number of simultaneous users with stability and robustness.

Game server development is a challenging task. Even after releasing, many companies have difficulty maintaining the quality(performance and stability) of the engine. With ProudNet, this is no longer a problem. It is a verified, powerful, and stable engine that is being used by over 159 different game development projects with various genres including MMORPG and FPS, and currently runs on servers over 13 countries. Furthermore, using ProudNet does not require extensive knowledge of server programming. ProudNet will let you develop online games easily, efficiently without sacrificing time and performance.

Using ProudNet

Runtime Platforms

Windows Server 2003 or later (C++, C#)
Windows XP or later (C++, C#)
PC, Mac OS, web browsers, iPhone, iPad, Android devices (Unity3D)

Development Environments

Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010
Unity 3.5 or later

Notice on P2P network capabilities

In Unity WebPlayer versions of ProudNet, P2P messages are communicated only through relays. - This is due to a restriction imposed by sandbox policy of Unity WebPlayer.